Welcome to my free training program database

This is what I am most proud to share with you.  I build training programs from scratch and present them here all for no cost.  The specific workouts in these programs are not as important as the information included in the ideology sections.  The design of the workouts is intended for the masses, and as such is flawed by not being specific to you.  Use these programs and tweak them as you wish.

Fitness Program for maximizing muscle growth


Understand what causes your body to grow and how to progressively overload in a hypertrophy phase using the recommend variables.  This is the type of goal that I see most often, from beginners to advanced.

Fitness program for people with limited equipment and time

Home Gym Expert

I trained in a home gym for years and made quality progress in doing so.  I am a testament that you can accomplish a lot without all the fancy accessories of a gym.   Not having equipment or time isn't an excuse anymore.