Name: Joey Schloeder

Height: 5'10" (178cm)

Weight: 190lbs(86kg)

Experience: Personal training in some facet since 2013


  • NASM CPT certification.
  • BA in Communcation Studies and Marketing
  • MBA in Finance (Completion in 2019)

Where do you film your YouTube videos?: I film in the garage gym that I slowly built over the years

What is MuscleNMind?: To me, MuscleNMind is how I like to approach anything in life.  Strong and confident, but also researched and calculated.  I share my ideology on my YouTube channel with the same name.

Diet: Vegan since March 2016 for environmental reasons mainly.

Where do you get your protein? Supplement 60g a day from vegan sources.  Beans.  Pumpkin seeds.  Chipotle.  Meat replacements.

Why don't you charge money? I don't need the money from this right now.  I have a well paying job and can afford to create content for free so I love how this is just a passion and a hobby.  I just want to gain exposure and get more eyes on my content.  Money can change how you view a passion and success.  To me success is sharing what I know with more people.

Will you ever have paid content? I hope that I wouldn't have to.  Maybe clothing of some sort just for the people that support what I do, but I want to keep the information free.  Just watch an ad or 2 and we're even.

Where are you from?  Born and raised in a little suburban town in southern Los Angeles County.  Beaches and great weather.  Thankful for that.