Hi, I'm Joey

I have been dedicated to understanding fitness for myself and for my clients since 2010.  The main area of focus for me has always been bodybuilding or emphasizing on body image goals and aesthetics.  I was a practicing personal trainer from 2013 to 2014 until I quickly realized that I wanted a bigger audience and platform.  I have a very analytical brain and I am obsessed with efficiency, which explains why having a small audience during 1 on 1 personal training felt like a waste of everyone's time.  That brought me to YouTube.


MuscleNMind was first founded as a YouTube Channel back in late 2014.  It was my intention to make accurate fitness content widely available at no other cost than watching an advertisement to access the content.  It was always just a hobby for me, but I am realizing as it has gained traction, there may be a bigger picture.

In the spirit of efficiency, the goal of the channel is to maximize the return on your personal investments into fitness.

You invest money, time, and energy into achieving some goal that you have set for yourself.  I want you to get as much out of that investment as possible.  This means understanding your goals, understanding the path of least resistance, and consistently putting in the work that you need to.

Get yourself on a program that works efficiently..

Time is valuable.  You don't have time for trial and error.  I took care of that for you.