I don't want your money...

and some may call that bad business, but I have my ways of being compensated for what I do.  I make YouTube videos, free fitness programs, and answer as many emails as I possibly can in the hopes that my goodwill will grow my message.

The pursuit of fitness has been around for a long time. 

Athletic performance and aesthetics have been studied ad nausem for centuries.  I can tell you right now that some fit kid on Instagram does not posses any hidden secrets that you could not receive from free resources.  The fact that the online personal training industry even exists blows my mind.  In case you missed it in the header, don't pay for online coaching.

Know the right resources

Most of what can be learned, has been.  It is all recorded in scientific journals that are listed in the "references" section of personal training textbooks.  These are your holy grail.  Many people try to reinvent the wheel and deliver programming that deters you from learning what actually works.  Stay away from "trending" fitness like infomercial products and hot new supplements. This clutter can be confusing and paint an image of the fitness industry that is daunting to newcomers.

Supplement companies exaggerate

The more protein you think you need, the more protein powder you will be willing to buy.  This is one of the most classic marketing myths created by the supplement company to generate sales.  Get supplement advice from people who aren't trying to sell to you.  Always keep it simple.

7 Years of Natural Training
7 Years of Natural Training

About Joey

Learn about me and how my background has led me to do what I do.

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Resource Catalog

We all get information from somewhere, make sure it is the right somewhere.  In my opinion it is more important to be the smartest worker in the room, not the hardest worker.

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Fitness programs

Fitness programs are typically based on the ideologies that a trainer has.  Instead of just giving you a list of what to do, I give you a list of reasons to accompany my recommendations.  Knowing WHY you are doing what you are doing is important.

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Better yourself efficiently...

Commit yourself to taking a calculated approach to fitness.  Learn how to map your goals and use one of the programs that I have created to help you get there.